Thursday, February 16, 2017

Welcome to my online gallery!

Click the title or picture in each posting to see the paintings in that subject category.

Most of the artwork here is available for purchase, and I am also open to painting by commission. You can reach me via email at .

Happy browsing, and I hope you enjoy my paintings!
Some tips on viewing the pictures (for computer users):

● After clicking the photos link, click on one of the pictures to open the photo viewer. You can use the left & right cursor arrow keys to move from picture to picture.

● Click the white-circle i in the upper right to see information about the picture, including price and DSC picture number (used for ordering).

● You can zoom pictures using the mouse wheel, and pan around by dragging with the mouse. (You have to zoom out to get to the next picture, though--click the magnifier-minus icon in the upper right.)

● If you move the mouse out of the picture area, the controls and shading at top & bottom will eventually disappear, leaving just the picture.

● To make the pictures completely fill the screen, click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner and select Slideshow. Click the pause button (two parallel vertical lines) in the lower left to stop automatic picture-changing, and use the left & right cursor arrow keys to move from picture to picture. Press the Esc key to exit slideshow mode.
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